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Socorro County Cemeteries

This project started because I use frequently to search for graves. is very useful in narrowing the search for a grave to a particular cemetery, but I would spend quite a bit of time actually locating the grave within the cemetery. Sometimes there would be a picture of the headstone with clues to its location, but many times there wouldn’t. In that case I would have to perform a time consuming search of the entire cemetery. I thought it would be helpful if there was a web site that provided photographs and all the available information, including the GPS coordinates of every grave in a cemetery and then allowed you to do some searching to find the grave you are looking for. So I created such a website.

The website will soon have all the graves from all the cemeteries in Socorro County indexed, but currently the only ones available are the two inside the town of Socorro, the San Miguel Cemetery and the Socorro Cemetery.

Here is the current status:
San Miguel Cemetery – Available, last updated in 2013
Socorro Cemetery – Available, last updated in 2013
Escondida – Photographed, but not entered
Lemitar (Main) – Photographed, but not entered
Lemitar (Old) – Not yet photographed
Polvadera – Photographed, but not entered
Luis Lopez – Photographed, but not entered
San Antonio – Photographed, but not entered
San Antonito – Photographed, but not entered
Magdalena – Partially photographed
All others – Not yet photographed

Some of the features of this site:
Search for and see images of the graves as well as transcribed information from the grave site as well as the GPS location of the grave (accurate to within approximately 18 ft.)
Display the location of the grave on a Google Map
Display the names and grave information about graves within a selectable distance from a grave.
License and download the image for your personal use.
Provide comments

A note about the GPS coordinates.
I used a Garmin Monterra to acquire the GPS coordinates of each grave. The Monterra is generally accurate to between 13- 18 feet.

I hope the site is useful to you. Please click on the comments button and provide me with your feedback.

Joe Franklin
February 23, 2016